What is private Cloud

Private Cloud - Security questions


1- Shared storage infrastructure
Can I make sure my data is deleted?

2- No control where my VM is running
No control on applicable legislation

3- Shared hypervisor infrastructure
No control who is my neighbor on the hypervisor

4- Need to trust the hypervisor
No control on configuration, patches, network drivers

5- Shared network infrastructure
Can I achieve isolation from other users?

6- Access security
Can I control which route my connection takes?
Does my traffic stay within my (preferred) legislation?
Can I avoid known eavesdropping locations?

7- Legal Risk on Operations
Who is – from legal perspective – the Operator?

8- Operational Risk
Will operations follow my procedures & comply to regulations?

9- Business Risk
Do I get my resources when I need them?
Are SLAs part of the contract or marketing only?

10- Audit, validation, certification
Will my Cloud operator allow and support my audit on his procedures and systems?

Too many items to believe and trust

lack of control

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