What is private Cloud

Remote Private Cloud™

VCODYNE Cluster on Demand™ – a distinct Cloud type

Private Cloud designates internal infrastructures used as cloud, so onsite within the Enterprise intranet : you optimize all existing resources by using a combination of virtualization and grid techniques. With Public Cloud you are tapping into multitenant infrastructure (in most cases virtualized without caring where and how your workload is processed, nor whether your security and privacy requirements are fulfilled). When you are leveraging both capacities - a mix of private and public cloud resources - it is called Hybrid Cloud. With that model you can do Cloud bursting to extend your internal infrastructure on a temporary basis.

Distinct from the Hybrid/Public-Cloud model, VCODYNE offers secure physical resources, prepared to support both your performance & regulatory compliance needs.


VCODYNE provides physical clusters based on dedicated infrastructure in Europe. Each cluster is dedicated for the exclusive usage of a single customer with full control. Consequently, the use model is as secure as outsourcing while leveraging the flexibility of a Cloud. Since you may consider VCODYNE resources as an extension of your internal resources, like a satellite site of your Enterprise, we call it :

Remote Private Cloud™

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