Cluster On Demand™

Cluster On Demand™ - How does it work


Cluster-on-Demand (CoD) conceptual overview

VCODYNE datacenters are organized in multiple clusters. A cluster consists of a Head-Node (HN) and Compute-Nodes (CN).
The CNs and the HN are connected within the cluster by an individual VLAN. The HN has a second network interface (NIC) connecting to the outside world, e.g. via VPN to the customer’s enterprise network or to the external world, the internet. Each cluster is dedicated to a specific customer. Beside the customer clusters there is a pool cluster containing those nodes not currently in use or in service. Each cluster uses one or more VLAN(s) dedicated to the according cluster resp. customer. By this, the traffic inside the cluster stays completely private.


Full Privacy

Each customer cluster is under full control by the respective customer. The customer has root access and by this controls all NICs, all communication, and all devices. For each cluster individually, the cluster internal communication is handled by a cluster specific VLAN. Per request, e.g. for HPC applications, a separate additional cluster interconnect network (GbE-VLAN or Infiniband) can be assigned.

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